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Telegram: A Recently Discovered Correspondence


The telegram no longer bears the badge of emergency and the sight of a messenger approaching your home need no longer raise feelings of foreboding. There are hundreds of telegrams which bring tidings of joy, congratulation or good will, or convey social messages of infinite variety and there are still other thousands which deal with the myriad phases of business operations….Two of the fundamental merits of the telegram are that it annihilates distance and commands immediate attention. Nelson E. Ross, How to Write a Telegram Properly, 1928


Telegram to my Career

Not what I meant or thought.

Weather fine. Come home soon.


Telegram from my Career

Splendors untold.

Rain. Will write again.


Telegram from the Past

You left a paintbrush, wet.

Send cash.


Telegram from the Future

Now you have money.

Bring paintbrush & more time.


Telegram from the Canary

It’s not bad, so far.


Telegram from Sancho Panza

I’m starting to see things.

Pack more wine.


Telegram from my Feet

Lighten up!


Telegram from the Sky

I’m the limit.


Telegram from Last Week

I can never catch up.


Telegram from Next Week

They won’t let me wait.


Telegram Smelling Suspiciously of Rum

and Coconut from the Hour lost

at the end of Daylight Savings Time

This time I’m not coming back.


Telegram from the Book

left under the Covers

Do you read me?


Telegram from Cleopatra

Marc’s fine.

Boat race tomorrow.


Telegram to Last Week

I’ll carry you with me.


Telegram to Next Week



Telegram from Elvis

Nice shoes.


Telegram to your Lips

Kiss me.


Telegram to the Hour from Daylight Savings Time

(Smelling Suspiciously of Rum and Coconut)

Flight booked. Joining you next week.


Telegram from Telegraph Office

Buy yourself a cell phone.


Telegram from the Library

Silence, please.


Telegram to the President

Peace, peace, peace.


Telegram to Emily Dickinson

We quote you now: Roses, Bees, but—

Yours the Nectar—yours the Dash—


Telegram to God

Message received.


Telegram from Summer

Have you forgotten me?


Telegram from Fall

I’ve changed.


Telegram from Winter

Be there, soon.


Telegram from Hope

Spring’s eternal.



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